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UV laser engraving machine vs fiber laser for plastic engraving

Compare UV laser engraving machine and fiber laser

Both UV laser engraving machines and fiber laser engraving machines can engrave a large number of materials such as metals, plastics, leather and other materials. However, what are the main differences and why is one much more expensive than the other? In this article, we are going to explain the difference between these two technologies and their primary uses.

Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

The fiber laser engraving machine has as its primary application the engraving, marking (and thin cutting) of metals and is mainly used in the metal industry.

UV laser engraving machine

The UV laser engraving machine is mainly designed to easily engrave plastics and glass. In addition, this machine can also mark other materials such as metals and paper. View the list of materials these machines can engrave and mark.

UV laser engraving machine barcodes on pcb material

Fiber and UV laser engraving machine are similar

Fiber and UV laser engraving machines may look basically the same and completely identical from the outside, but the technology these machines use inside is different! The fiber laser uses a different laser energy source than the UV laser, in addition, the UV laser must be cooled with water while the fiber laser only needs air cooling.

UV Laser Engraving Machine

Applications UV laser machines

Engraving and marking plastic and plastic

  • Marking: some metals
  • Marking all types of glass
  • Marking and engraving of some types of stone
  • Marking paper
  • Marking and engraving of leather
  • Marking of fruit
  • Marking wood
  • Marking of ceramics
  • Marking of clothing and textiles

Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

Applications fiber laser metal engraving machines

Marking and engraving of all metals

  • Marking and engraving of some plastics
  • Marking a number of stone types
  • Marking a number of leathers
  • Marking a number of papers
  • Marking a number of textile types
  • For all other materials please contact MetaQuip!

As you can see, more materials can be engraved with a UV laser than with a fiber laser. The UV laser can mark on a wide variety of materials, but lacks the power and ability to engrave (and / or cut) metals. This is the major advantage of the fiber laser over the UV laser: the ability to mark, engrave and cut all metals.

What are the advantages of UV laser engraving machines?

The main advantage of UV laser technology is its multi-functionality for marking and engraving. You can effortlessly engrave thin-walled glass, printed circuit boards and plastic with UV lasers. This technology is suitable for rotary engraving or integration and automation in a production line, also in combination with vision systems. UV lasers are perfectly suited to mark plastics such as ABS and PLA with high resolution and extremely wear-resistant, especially compared to pad printing techniques. Ideal for posting product, certification information and unique serial numbers and barcodes.

What is the disadvantage of UV laser engraving machines?

One of the drawbacks of UV laser technology is the weak engraving in metals, if you are looking for a machine that can engrave metals then fiber laser engraving machine is a better option.

What is the advantage of fiber laser engraving machines?

The main advantage of the fiber laser engraving machine is its ability to engrave and mark all metals at high speed. The fiber laser can also mark various non-metals, but the result on these materials will often be of lower quality than with a UV laser machine.

What is the disadvantage of fiber laser engraving machines?

The big disadvantage of this machine is that especially metals can be engraved well, but most other materials are not or of lesser quality. Materials that can be processed successfully with a UV laser, such as wood, glass (generally all transparent objects), all plastics and paper. The higher power makes it practically impossible to neatly engrave plastics such as ABS and PLA, causing edges to fray and you can feel the engraving when you rub them. This will not happen with a UV laser.

UV laser for laser engraving and marking of plastics

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