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Industrial water cooler for CO2 laser machine

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Industrial cooler for CO2 laser that comes standard with MetaQuip CO2 lasers.

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Industrial water cooler for CO2 laser machine

Industrial water cooler for CO2 laser machines that comes standard with all MetaQuip CO2 lasers. Cooling a laser tube is extremely important for the life of the machine and the quality of your workpieces. Too high temperatures in the laser tube can cause the laser tube to crack or shatter. High temperatures also ensure faster wear of your CO2 laser tube. Finally, temperature fluctuations can affect the workpiece (variation in cutting line thickness or intensity of engraving work). Never save on cooling!

With these types of active chillers, each laser tube is perfectly cooled, fully automatically. Choose the right version that matches the required laser power. Because this machine cools actively, it is also suitable for warmer installation rooms. With the built-in alarm functions, your laser machine is always protected against circulation problems or overheating.

Technical specifications

MQ-CW3000: Industrial cooler suitable for up to 80W laser tubes
MQ-CW5000: Industrial cooler for laser tubes of 80-100W with compression cooling technology
MQ-CW5200: Industrial cooler for laser tubes of 100-150W with compression cooler technique

Delivery time: 12 weeks, if not in stock