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Air supply control CO2 laser machines – Production & Portal

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MetaQuip's air supply control for CO2 laser machines makes the laser head air pressure adjustable. For a number of materials, this can lead to a reduction in precipitation during laser engraving, resulting in a tighter end result (less / no cast).

Please note: this air supply control is designed for new MetaQuip Production and Portal CO2 laser machines. Self installation is possible but requires technical knowledge, MetaQuip can retrofit this module for an additional cost. 

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MetaQuip has developed an air supply control for CO2 laser machines. This allows the air pressure of the laser head to be adjusted so that you can reduce any precipitation of laser vapor during laser engraving in particular.

Laser head based on overprint

MetaQuip lasers work as standard with an overpressure in the laser head, which causes minimal contamination of the lens and guarantees a long lifespan of the lens. This is sufficient for most laser engraving or laser cutting jobs. But for specific applications, the standard arrangement is not precise enough.

Precise air supply control CO2 laser machines

MetaQuip has designed an adjustable air supply control for CO2 laser machines especially for these special applications, which is available as an extension option for the CO2 PRODUCTION series and CO2 PORTAL series† With the air supply control it is possible to set the air supply to the standard value or to switch to a reduced air supply with a button on the machine.

Reduce vapor deposits on your workpiece

With a reduced air supply, the laser vapor deposits less hard on the workpiece. This vapor is often hot and contains small vaporized material particles that subsequently settle on the workpiece and can leave a shadow around your engraving work. Advantages can be gained in particular with 2-coloured acrylic, as is often used for machine plates and name plates, as well as with perfect laser engraving of white plastic and in some cases also with wood engraving.

Nameplates with two colors acrylic

Suitable for CO2 Production & Portal series

The air supply control is suitable for the CO2 Production & Portal series and is available as an option with a new machine. Retrofitting by MetaQuip is also possible at an additional cost (prices shown are for the module excluding installation). The installation can also be done yourself.

Easy to use

You can switch between the normal mode and the set reduced pressure by pressing a button on the outside of the machine.

Air overpressure control CO2 laser machines

Other possibilities

With the air supply control it is also possible to make controllable use of compressed air or other auxiliary gases. Inquire at MetaQuip about the possibilities.