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Laser machine distributors & partners

MetaQuip believes in collaboration. This gives you an overview of laser machine distributors & partners we work with. You can also see the possibilities of our laser machines close to home at the distributors and together with our partners we can quickly develop and introduce new applications and innovations. Here is an overview of our current laser machine distributors and partners.


BOFA supplies industrial air filters of high quality. We have a suitable solution for every application.

light burn

MetaQuip works closely with Lightburn for the CO2 laser machines.

Light burn laser software…

golden laser

For fiber laser cutters, MetaQuip has an active collaboration with Golden laser, an established supplier of high-quality and innovative machines.

MetaQuip Laser Machine Distributors

Lay3rs 3D Printing

The Netherlands, Eindhoven
Lay3rs BV…

Lay3rs BV

Franky VanHooren Polyester

Belgium, Bruges
Franky Vanhooren Polyester ..

3D In The Box

Belgium, Dilbeek
3dinthebox.eu ..

Want to become a laser machine distributor?

MetaQuip is still looking for reliable distributors and agents both at home and abroad. Long-term relationships with reliable, driven parties. MetaQuip offers a growing product portfolio of products aimed at the manufacturing industry and related services. MetaQuip has a high-quality, CE certified and laser safe product portfolio and can quickly provide high-quality technical service and support to both the customer and the factory in the form of modifications, expansions or improvements. Inquire about the possibilities.

Development partners

Looking for new applications or applications? Realization of new machines or parts thereof? MetaQuip is a reliable partner with a lot of technical knowledge and expertise to quickly and efficiently convert new concepts and ideas into manufacturable and affordable machines and solutions. Inquire about the possibilities for cooperation with MetaQuip.


LAPROCON is an engineering and consultancy firm in the field of laser technology and laser safety. Laprocon…

Laprocon laser safety


Seratech specializes in customized machine construction.


1K3 BV provides industrial process development services. Combinations of hardware and software solutions that can be used immediately.