Laser cutting metal furniture

Laser cutting technology in the furniture industry

Laser cutting technology has fully penetrated the modern furniture industry. Contemporary furniture requires complex processes such as cutting, punching, bending and deburring. Conventional techniques cost a lot of time and money and the production cycle for making molds is long.

Advantages of laser cutting metal furniture

The advantage of laser cutting metal furniture is that switching times are short, a new design is ready for production quickly and can be cut directly, so no molds are needed, which makes the production cycle very short. In addition, after laser cutting, there is no need to deburr and bending can be continued immediately. The most important thing, however, is the high efficiency, low material loss and high quality. Laser cutting metal furniture is done at high speed and with high precision.

Personalized and efficient

Compared to traditional processing methods, creating a new design is quick and easy, making it easy to carry out a diverse and personalized product portfolio even in lower production volumes, which fits perfectly with today's furniture industry. This delivers maximum production efficiency and cost reduction and opens up new possibilities.

Laser cutting metal furniture

Laser machines suitable for metal furniture laser cutting

Fiber lasers for metal laser cutting of flat sheet material

MetaQuip has a number of solutions for metal laser cutting. We offer a selection of high-quality fiber laser machines suitable for laser cutting of thinner sheet metal such as the FC6060 and the FC1390, but also heavier machines for metal laser cutting of thick and/or larger sheet material such as the FC1510FC3015FC4020.

FC1510 production laser cutter metal
Fiber laser metal cutter for flat sheet
Metal tube laser cutter
Metal tube/profile laser cutter

Laser cutting metal tubes and profiles

MetaQuip also supplies solutions for the metal laser cutting of tubes and profiles up to standard lengths up to 6 meters, but longer is also possible. These machines are mainly used for industrial applications.

Metal tube/profile laser cutter