Maintenance costs of a CO2 laser machine

What are the costs for the maintenance of my CO2 laser machine? A frequently asked question that MetaQuip is happy to explain. CO2 laser machines have various parts that need to be maintained and replaced. The most common and important to consider are:

  • Laser source (glass tube)
  • Mirrors and lenses
  • Moving parts

Laser source - Glass tubes

Many wild stories circulate about glass tubes, with lifetime claims ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 hours. All have some truth, but usually the conditions under which these claims apply are not stated. Glass tube suppliers test the tubes with a continuous load of 80% of the maximum power and with an ideal water cooling that always has a 20-25˚C.

Unfortunately, in practice the situation will be different; more or less power and much more on and off, for example engraving. It is therefore wiser to count with a shorter life expectancy when the maintenance costs of the laser machine are determined.

MetaQuip only works with high-quality brands of laser tubes such as from RECI and YONGLI. Please inquire about the current stock.
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CO2 laser maintenance costs

Laser lenses and laser mirrors

Mirrors and lenses will need to be cleaned regularly. Unfortunately, stains and damage will always occur over time, so you will have to replace the mirror or lens. Lenses and mirrors in optimal condition always ensure that as much of the laser beam (and power) actually arrives at the workpiece and increases reproducibility during cutting.

Laser mirrors

MetaQuip supplies replacement mirrors if a mirror is broken or damaged.
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Laser lenses

MetaQuip supplies replacement lenses if a lens is broken or damaged.
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Cleaning set for optical laser path

MetaQuip delivers one special cleaning set for mirrors and lenses

Damaged laser lens

Moving parts

The moving parts always get polluted over time. Fat "acidified" by the absorption of the vapors released. Some materials immediately deposit on the "cold" machine parts. This should therefore be cleaned regularly. MetaQuip has, in consultation with a specialist, one cleaning set for moving parts composed. In this way, the moving parts remain clean and function optimally.

METAQUIP LITE2 CO2 laser machine inside


In short, a new laser tube on time, the occasional mirror and / or lens replacement and the materials to clean the machine. All these things cost money. If you take as a rule that you set aside € 2 per hour that you work with the machine, you will overcome all these costs over time and you always have the means at hand to keep your machine in tip-top shape.

Which maintenance services does MetaQuip provide?

When purchasing your MetaQuip laser machine, you can also purchase one service contract or maintenance contract shut down.
With a maintenance contract, a MetaQuip service technician comes to you once a year to check your machine, to clean it so that it remains in top shape even after a long time. In a service contract you can agree a certain response time with MetaQuip, so that you can be sure that your machine will be operational again quickly.