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Laser machine service & support

At MetaQuip, we believe providing good laser machine service & support is just as important as delivering the best quality machines for competitive prices. We want our laser machines to be and continue to be used. That our customers enjoy working with our machines and will continue to work in the future.

Standard 2 year warranty on machines

MetaQuip distinguishes itself through fast and expert service. When your machine comes to a standstill, we will quickly help you on your way with our own technical service. We provide a standard 2-year warranty on our laser machines, but we also help you when necessary afterwards.

Spare parts in stock

MetaQuip has a large number of spare parts in stock as standard. If something breaks, parts can be replaced quickly. With the CO2 or fiber accessories you will find the more common parts, but we also have most machine parts in stock as standard.

Laser machine service & maintenance contracts

MetaQuip wants you to be able to work with your laser machine. That is why we consider good service & support on our laser machines important. In addition to standard warranty, we offer comprehensive service and maintenance contracts if a quick response time and minimal downtime is important to you.

Laser machine service

MetaQuip Support Site

With the MetaQuip support site, MetaQuip machine customers have access to manuals, laser software, frequently asked questions, videos and you can directly exchange experiences with other customers. In addition, you can ask support questions directly to our laser experts.

Login MetaQuip Support site

Login is only possible for MetaQuip machine customers. If you have not received login details, please contact MetaQuip.

MetaQuip Support Site

Smart Support at a distance

Normally, MetaQuip provides support to your machine on location. We will of course continue to do that. In a number of cases, however, it turns out not to be necessary: the problem was simply something very simple and quick to solve. Service calls have to be scheduled, which means it takes a while before you can continue working and of course there are extra costs for service on location. That is why we have recently started offering Smart remote support in addition to and sometimes replacing our on-site service.

MetaQuip Smart Remote Support

Laser machine service & maintenance contracts

You can do your machine maintenance yourself or have the maintenance carried out by MetaQuip by appointment.

In addition, we also offer a number of service & maintenance contracts On. Normal duration of a service and maintenance contract is one year. MetaQuip has two standard contracts.

We also provide custom solutions. Inquire about the possibilities.

MQ5030 laser tube
within 24 hours
Discount on
Annual preventive
On-site service
within 3 working days
MetaQuip Maintenance and Service Contract

Support within 24 hours by email and phone

If you have a technical problem, please contact our support department. Here you will be helped by one of our laser specialists. These will initially try to understand the problem remotely and find out the possible cause. Often they can help you on your way to solve the problem yourself. If that is not possible for some reason, one of our service technicians will visit you to solve the problem.

25% Discount on parts

MetaQuip offers 25% discount on parts when you have a maintenance contract. Think of materials such as mirrors and lenses. But also if other accessories such as water cooler, exhaust fan or air compressor break down. We use a discount of 10% on laser tubes.

Service on location within 3 working days

MetaQuip comes to your location to solve a technical problem. This takes place on working days during office hours, unless other agreements have been made in consultation. MetaQuip is at your location within 3 working days. A shorter response time can be agreed upon in consultation and at additional costs.

Annual preventive maintenance

MetaQuip comes by annually for periodic maintenance. You will be called in advance to schedule an appointment. Our technicians will then fully check your laser machine and at least the following points:

  • Check all moving parts
  • Clean conduits and re-lubricate
  • Adjust optical light away (including cleaning and adjusting mirrors and
  • Check laser tube and water cooling
  • Check cabling
  • Cleaning the machine inside and outside
  • Cutting and engraving tests
  • Direct replacement of defective parts according to the customer's wishes

Maintenance costs CO2 laser machines

MetaQuip is regularly asked what the costs are for service & support of a CO2 laser machine. Most customers opt for glass laser tubes that have to be replaced after a number of burning hours. We have listed the costs in the overview below. This overview assumes that you carry out the repairs yourself. MetaQuip can also do this for you. In addition, we have service, maintenance contracts and service level agreements.

Repairs & maintenance from other suppliers

In a number of cases, MetaQuip also performs repairs & maintenance on machines from other brands and suppliers. This is always based on an assessment of the condition and quality of the laser machine. MetaQuip reserves the right to decide not to provide service based on the assessment. We do this because there is a wide variety of laser machines of very different quality on the market.