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Platform PIE for safe lasers in education

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Platform PIE supports teachers…

Powerful, contemporary vocational education for pre-vocational secondary education students in the Producing, Installing and Energy (PIE) profile. That is the goal of Platform PIE. We achieve this by supporting teachers and instructors. We share knowledge, bring them into contact with each other and with companies, and represent their interests with the government and in the technology sector. This is necessary because the PIE profile has not been around that long and is developing rapidly. After all, the technical possibilities change every day. In addition, far-reaching environmental measures are planned until 2050. These represent a major task for technology and education. Platform PIE wants to lead the way in this.

Platform PIE for safe lasers in education
Platform PIE

… from a national platform with regional roots

Almost 200 schools and 600 teachers are affiliated with our platform. We support them from our regions. Our work is made possible in part by the friends of PIE, companies, organizations and foundations that think along and act. We also have a network with key partners that we maintain well. For example, we are affiliated with the VMBO Platforms Foundation (SPV) and we have a constructive collaboration with the national program Strong Technology Education.

MetaQuip is a friend of platform PIE

MetaQuip works together with the PIE platform because we naturally see the possibilities of using laser machines in education. More importantly, we think it is important that only safe laser machines end up in education, because if these machines do not meet the laser safety guidelines, this can be potentially very dangerous and harmful. MetaQuip has a complete portfolio of laser machines, such as CO2 laser machines for laser cutting and laser engraving of organic materials, but also fiber laser machines for cutting and engraving metals. For more information, please contact MetaQuip.

PIE stands for safe lasers in education

Together with Laprocon and Platform PIE developed VOION a safety instruction regarding the use of lasers and therefore also laser cutters. This safety instruction is about the safe use of lasers in and around the classroom. MetaQuip fully supports the content of these safety instructions and is therefore happy to share them as widely as possible so that only safe laser machines will be supplied in education in the future, because we have seen that it starts with the knowledge in this area at the decision makers and in this case those are the schools, technology teachers in purchasers.

Download the safety instruction safe use of lasers in and around the classroom