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Laser engraving of anodised aluminum

Black anodized aluminum laser engraving

With a fiber laser you can laser engrave texts, type numbers, logos and barcodes / QR codes in your aluminum parts very quickly and with high resolution. This engraving is still visible after years. Laser engraving with a fiber laser works very quickly and always with high quality of the end result.

Example of laser engraving of anodised aluminum

The object to be engraved is placed on the machine. The text has already been prepared in the fiber laser machine. The software supports a wide variety of digital formats. Press the button and the engraving process starts. The engraving is placed within a few seconds. MetaQuip supplies both open and closed fiber laser machines.

laser engraving-aluminum nameplates
Type Numbers, barcodes, texts, logos
laser engraving-aluminum nameplates 3
Anodized aluminum laser engraving

More information

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Laser engraving of anodised aluminum