Laser cutting of paper

CO2 laser machine for laser cutting paper

A CO2 laser is very suitable for laser cutting of paper. Think not only of straight lines, but these can also be complex shapes and figures with a large number of details. You don't need heavy ones for laser cutting paper CO2 laser cutter necessary, if (thick) cardboard has to be cut with it, more laser power is needed, because otherwise the laser can not work with sufficient speed and edges have the chance to discolour. How visible this is depends on the color of the paper, but in general it is advisable in these cases to take a machine with a higher laser power.

CO2 laser machine for cutting paper
Laser engraving and cutting invitations in paper
Laser cutting of paper
Laser cutting of paper

Settings for laser cutting of paper

Last week I was busy with laser cutting of paper. Cutting paper is no problem at all for a laser. You have to pay attention to the ability to avoid burning or catching fire of the paper. Reducing the laser frequency helps a lot in getting a good cut line and the fun with paper is that you can use high speeds and it gives fast results. There are various patterns available on the internet or you can draw your own creation. The result of the example that we have made can be found on our YouTube channel.

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