Smart Laser Sensor

Predictive maintenance through real-time measurement of CO2 laser adjustment and power

MetaQuip BV and Fit Things NV are working together to develop a prototype sensor system that can measure and analyze the state of maintenance of laser cutting equipment and thus enable a predictive maintenance system for the Slimbox box cutting machines from Fit Things.


With the Slimbox, entrepreneurs can cut boxes specifically for the dimensions of their products and then send them in an efficient manner. In addition to being completely new, this concept is also the first large-scale application of CO2 lasers in non-industrial environments.

Sensor for preventative maintenance

However, lasers are sensitive to wear and calibration and must be serviced by technically trained personnel, which are not available to the users of the Slimbox. The solution is the development of an automated predictive maintenance system, based on an innovative new sensor that is being developed in collaboration with MetaQuip. This sensor is able to automatically determine whether a laser cutting head needs maintenance based on nine parameters.

Cloud Connected

Through a cloud-based platform and user interface, Slimbox's dealers can get information about the state of maintenance of all connected lasers at customers and plan preventive maintenance, calibration and other interventions. As a result, the Slimbox is more reliable and simpler to use for the customer, and costs are saved on unnecessary maintenance, downtime, deviations and emergency repairs, etc.


There is no comparable sensor or predictive maintenance system on the market for laser equipment.
Laser cutting of cardboard boxes