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Laser bottle extractor

Bottle extractor for small series

In the past, MetaQuip has developed a desleeving machine to desleeve bottles with laser technology. The bottle with the shrink film is placed on the belt, it is fed through the machine and cut loose using laser technology. After this, the sleeve can easily be removed manually. Major advantage of laser technology: every bottle is really cut loose, no blades that become blunt and the glassware remains undamaged.

Fully automatic dissection with laser
Bottle extractor for smaller series
Laser Bottle extractor
Shrink Wrap Sleeves

Growing use of shrink wrap

More and more are being used shrink wraps to provide bottles with imprint and information.

Shrink wrap is a transparent plastic film to wrap material. When heated, the foil shrinks tightly around the packaged material. Shrink wrap is used to pack, for example, boxes, cans or loaded pallets. The shrink film is applied over or around the material to be packaged, often with automatic equipment. It is then passed through a heated tunnel or oven to shrink.

Growing production volumes and manually removing the bottle sleeves during the recycling process is no longer an option.

Laser bottle unscrambler production machine

MetaQuip has been asked to come up with a solution for a bottle peeler using laser technology that can be used for volume production. The client's principles were to develop a machine with which shrink-wrapped sleeves can be fully removed by machine at high speed, full integration of the machine in the production line and bottles must remain vertical during the entire desleeving process.

Laser Bottle Dismember Production
Laser bottle unscrambler production machine

Development based on customer specifications

MetaQuip has made a number of initial concepts based on the customer's requirements and wishes, and subsequently developed these further in collaboration with the customer. The machine was then further designed, built and extensively tested. By paralleling a number of lasers, it is possible to achieve the desired production capacity.

Laser bottle extractor in action

Impression laser shrink film stripper in the production line