Custom solutions with laser technology

Development of laser machines

MetaQuip develops completely new laser machines for customer-specific applications. In collaboration with the customer, we determine whether laser technology is suitable and specify the machines. After approval, MetaQuip develops, tests and produces the entire machine, including the necessary certifications. From single piece to large numbers of machines.

Extensions & Adjustments

In many cases it is also possible to expand or adapt an existing machine so that it is made suitable for the required volumes or production speed. Many of the extensions and adjustments that we make are in automatic handling, loading and unloading, or use in a continuously running production line.

Production automation

Custom solutions are often interesting or even necessary for new or very specific applications of laser technology or when using laser technology in fully automated production lines.

Testing and Certification

MetaQuip carries out extensive performance and endurance tests to ensure that the agreed specifications are achieved and the machine can be used in the production process without any problems. Machines are laser safe where possible and are inspected under the supervision of MetaQuip. Our machines comply with the CE machine guidelines.

Affordable custom solutions

We use technology that is already available for our custom solutions as much as possible and only make adjustments and extensions where necessary. This is one of the reasons why we can keep costs low. In addition, we make parts with a lot of manual work in our production facilities in China. Custom-made machines are always designed, built and tested at MetaQuip in Maarheeze by our own team or partners in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Your flexible partner 

Flexibility is key within MetaQuip projects. We adapt to the wishes and requirements of the client. And come up with practical and feasible solutions based on our knowledge and skills. MetaQuip can take the lead in development, or take a supporting role in the field of laser technology.

Production fiber laser machine 8 in parallel

Ideas or questions about possibilities or applications?

Contact MetaQuip's engineering team. Then we can see together whether laser technology is an answer to your question. Lasers are clean, do not contaminate the object and work quickly. Laser machines offer many possibilities for sustainable and circular solutions.

MetaQuip develops laser machines from A to Z for new applications

If an adjustment or extension of our machines is not enough, MetaQuip also offers the possibility to develop a completely new laser machine. The starting point is then the specification, requirements and wishes of the customer. Together with the customer, we look for the best solution that fits the budget and available time.
MetaQuip has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of sensor technology, electronics, mechanics and software. Combine this with extensive experience in project, process and product development and the perfect mix is created to bring new developments from trial or concept to prototype and product within a short time, including CE certification according to machine guidelines and laser safety requirements. Also during the release project, MetaQuip offers support if desired to further optimize the process and settings.

Example projects

Some examples of MetaQuip projects that we have realized in recent times.


Full integration of machines in your production line.

Machine add-ons

Extensions on existing machines to work faster.

Process innovation

New applications, new materials, new processes.

Contact us to see what is possible together!

Contact us to see if laser technology offers a solution for your application. You are always welcome to look at the possibilities together.

Open for new ideas & applications

MetaQuip Project looks together with you if your application can be realized with laser technology.
Based on your question, product idea or problem, we will get to work to see how we can arrive at the best solution as simply and practically as possible.
If necessary, we can rely on an extensive network of partners and experts.