High resolution laser engraving - 70 micrometer dots

Extremely high engraving resolution with a fiber laser

The laser beam in a fiber laser is deflected in X and Y direction with a folding mirror. This mirror is highly accurate and there are no moving parts in a fiber laser machine. This allows a fiber laser to laser engrave with extremely high resolution and great accuracy. This is crucial for some applications and applications.

What is possible?

On metal we can engrave structures up to 50 micrometres on other materials, the resolution is usually a bit less, but MetaQuip can quickly figure that out together with you. A good thing about laser engraving is that in the area where engraving is, in most cases actual material is removed, so there the new surface is lower than the original surface. This can be interesting for a number of applications because the setting time of the laser engraving machine is minimal and work can be done quickly. Faster than with a large number of other techniques that work on this scale, as often used in the micro mechanical manufacturing industry.

An example

A grid of dots of approximately 70 micrometres (in black) can be seen on attached photographs. These are a few micrometers higher than the environment that has been removed by the laser. If you also have applications where high-resolution laser engraving is needed, we would like to invite you to look at the possibilities together.

high-resolution laser engraving
micrometer laser engraving
accurate laser engraving

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