Good laser extraction is essential

Why is good laser extraction important?

In all laser processes, material is evaporated by means of heat. Due to the extremely high temperatures that are released, all kinds of combustion products are created from the processed material. These are released in the form of dust or soot. With a fiber laser where metal is engraved, there may also be very small metal particles or other gaseous micro particles. These are the same gases that would be released if the material were to burn. It is better not to inhale particulate matter and gases as this could potentially be harmful to health in the long term. That is why good laser extraction is crucial.

Recommendations for the user

All CO2 lasers use an active air exhaust fan that refreshes the entire workroom where the dust and gas is released every second. This applies as long as a machine with a closed valve is used. Even after a laser command, MetaQuip recommends waiting at least 5-10 seconds to open the valve. One can then be sure that no toxic gases or soot particles are released when the valve is opened. If the standard instructions are followed then safety is guaranteed in this way.

MetaQuip BOFA industrial air filters
MetaQuip BOFA industrial air filters

Guidelines for air discharge from the laser machine

The other side of the laser extraction behind the fan must be discharged via a drain that meets the environmental requirements and safety guidelines. The pipe must be sufficiently thick (90-100 mm diameter) to ensure proper extraction. Depending on the material used, this air can be discharged directly to the outside in sparsely populated areas. In all other cases (including fiber lasers), MetaQuip recommends both for health and for smell to use an industrial air filter.

What does an industrial air filter do?

These always consist of at least 2 parts: a dust and soot filter to filter out dust, soot and micro particles from the air and an active carbon filter to trap poisonous gases. Please note that the regulations regarding replacement of the filters are properly followed otherwise use of these industrial air filters does not make much sense. MetaQuip offers both industrial air filters of the brand BOFA and its own brand.

Bofa air filters

BOFA has achieved an excellent reputation in the field of solder and laser extractors over the past years by consistently delivering top quality equipment.

MetaQuip air filters

However, MetaQuip's own brand also fits perfectly and is especially interesting for the larger capacities, especially when it comes to the price of a set of replacement filters. The choice is yours. What we find particularly important is that you think carefully about your laser extraction and make the right choices so that you can continue to work with your machine for a long time without health risks.

More information

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