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Goldenlaser laser machines


MetaQuip works closely with Goldenlaser for some of the larger industrial fiber metal cutters and custom solutions.

Golden laser

Goldenlaser specializes in industrial laser solutions and is one of the largest industrial players of standard and custom build fiber and CO2 laser machines in China with over 20 years of experience.

Reinforcing each other's strengths

The FC1510 metal fiber cutter was developed together by Goldenlaser and MetaQuip. This is a combination of shared technical knowledge and innovative strength of both parties combined with the individual strengths of both parties. This creates a high-quality solution that perfectly meets European requirements and standards. In most cases, MetaQuip provides transport, delivery, installation and training and MetaQuip also provides service and support when necessary. This creates a powerful combination that can be of interest to a large number of customers.

Goldenlaser fiber laser machines

About Goldenlaser

Goldenlaser was founded in 2005 and has been listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 2011. Goldenlaser is a digital laser technology application solutions provider and committed to providing high quality and innovative industrial laser machines and solutions.

Especially in the field of laser applications for textiles, clothing and industrial flexible fabrics, Goldenlaser has become the leading brand of China.

Staff: 200+
Revenue: 25M USD (2019)
Factory hall: 50k square meters

Goldenlaser is specialized in R&D, production and marketing of CO2 laser cutting machines, Galvo laser cutting machines and fiber laser cutting machines. The product line includes more than 100 models such as flatbed CO2 laser cutting machine, vision laser cutting machine with camera, Galvo laser machine, label laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting for metal and tube laser cutting machine.
Applications include digital printing, textiles, apparel, leather shoes, industrial fabrics, furnishing, advertising, printing and packaging, furniture, decoration, metal processing and many other industries.