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Metal laser cutting with fiber laser – fast, clean, precise

Advantages of metal laser cutting with fiber laser

  • The fiber laser source is extremely stable, has no moving parts and lasts for years without much maintenance. 
  • Fiber lasers work with a different, smaller wavelength, so that the spot size is smaller than with a CO2 laser machine. This makes the energy density per mm2 a lot higher. This allows you to cut deeper with the same power and get a narrower laser cut.
  • Fiber laser light is reflected much less by most metals, so that more energy enters the material so that you can cut thicker material or at a higher speed.
  • The laser head of a fiber laser and the laser source of a fiber laser can be adjusted very precisely by adjusting the characteristic and the power of the laser source. This makes it possible to realize a very precise setting for each material.
  • Fiber lasers require little maintenance and have relatively little downtime, making this type of machines extremely suitable for production applications.
  • In a fiber laser, the laser light is transported directly to the laser head via a glass fiber. This means there are no losses and maintenance is easier.  
Fiber laser metal cutting machines
MQ1390C Combi High-Power CO2 metal, wood, acrylic laser cutter

Metal laser cutting with CO2

MetaQuip also has CO2 metal lasers for cutting thin metal sheet material. The advantage of the CO2 machine is the lower price point and that this machine can cut other organic materials in addition to metals. This can be particularly interesting for schools.

Metal laser cutting with fiber laser metal laser cutter

Metal laser cutting with a fiber laser Metal laser is becoming more and more accessible. Recently, the price points of fiber laser metal cutters have dropped significantly. If you are looking for a machine purely for cutting metals, we will in most cases recommend a fiber laser machine for metal laser cutting. Advantage of fiber laser metal cutters is that they are also available up to very high laser powers (up to 10kW) and are therefore capable of laser cutting even very thick metal without problems and without reworking. MetaQuip has a portfolio of small to very large fiber laser metal cutters. If you are looking for a machine for a special application, MetaQuip can also realize custom solutions.