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Assess cutting quality metal laser cutter

Judging cutting quality metal laser cutter is not difficult if you know what to look for. Below we give a number of points that you can take into account when assessing the quality.

The quality of the cutting quality mainly depends on the quality of the laser cutting machine. This makes assessing cut quality the most direct way to test the quality of laser cutting equipment.

Cutting speed & cutting quality

Most of the new customers for metal laser cutting machine usually ask to see some experiments of laser cutting with the laser cutting machine. The cutting speed of the laser cutting equipment is what the customer should focus on, in addition, he should also focus on the cut quality of the sample.

How do you check the quality of the laser cutting and what should you pay attention to?

Assess cutting quality fiber laser cutting machine
Metal cut with a fiber laser metal cutter

Determining cutting quality metal laser cutter


The laser cutting process forms vertical lines. The depth of the line determines the roughness of the cut surface. The lighter the line, the smoother the cutting process.

Roughness not only affects the appearance of the edge, but also the friction properties. In most cases, the roughness should be as small as possible, so the lighter the lines, the higher the cut quality.

More information about roughness

Surface roughness of laser cutting metal
perpendicular metal laser cutting


If the plate thickness is greater than 10 mm, the vertical cutting edge is very important. The laser beam diverges further from the focus distance, increasing the cutting width up or down from the focus position.

The cutting edge deviates from the vertical by a few millimeters. The more vertical the edge, the higher the cut quality.

Burr formation

Burr formation is a very important influence factor that determines the quality of the laser cutting. Additional finishing is required to remove burrs. Thus, the degree and amount of burr formation are the most intuitive factors in assessing cut quality.

Other factors for assessing cutting quality metal laser cutter

Below are a number of often more secondary effects that can also be included in assessing the cut quality of a fiber laser.

Cutting width of the laser

The cutting width generally has no influence on the cut quality, except when the workpiece must be precisely and repeatedly to size. When the plate thickness increases, the cutting width will also increase.

To ensure the same high precision, regardless of the width of the incision, the material of the workpiece in the laser cutter must be constant.

Thermal zone

In laser cutting, the area near the laser cut is heated. At the same time, the structure of the metal changes locally. For example, some metals will harden. The thermal influence area refers to the depth of the area where the internal structure changes.


When cutting thick plates at high speed, the molten metal will not appear in the laser cut below the vertical laser beam, but will be jetted out at the end of the laser beam.

This creates curved lines on the cutting edge and the lines follow the moving laser beam.

To solve this problem, reducing the laser speed at the end of the cutting process can significantly reduce the formation of this line.

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