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CO2 Galvo portal laser machine

High-speed cutting, engraving, perforating and kiss-cutting on one machine

This combo system combines a CO2 galvo laser and an XY gantry and shares one laser tube. This machine is available with a work bed up to 1.7 x 2 meters.

CO2 Galvo gantry laser machine - high speed engraving and perforating

The CO2 galvo offers high speed engraving, marking, perforating and cutting of thin materials.

CO2 Galvo portal laser – processing thicker material

The XY portal laser allows processing of thicker material.

Both types of operations can be completed with one machine. This reduces manual handling between machines and ensures that your floor space is used as efficiently as possible.

CO2 Galvo portal laser machine
Textile laser cutting, engraving and perforation.

Applications portal galvo laser machine

Textile, leather, EVA foam and other non-metallic materials.


Fashion – clothing, sportswear, denim, shoes, bags, etc.

Interiors – carpet, mat, sofa, curtain, home textiles, etc.

Technical textiles – cars, airbags, filters, exhaust ducts, etc.

Technical specifications

laser source: CO2 RF Metal Laser Tube
Laser power: 150W / 300W / 500W / 600W
galvo system: 3D dynamic system, galvo XY scanner with working area of 450mm×450mm
Working area (W×L): 1700mm×2000mm (also available in 1600mm x 1000mm
Crafting table: honeycomb vacuum bed
Mechanical System: Servo motor, Gear & Rack driven
power: AC220V±5% 50/60Hz
Options: Auto feeder, vision system