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Laser cutting filter cloth

Laser cutting filtration and filter cloth

Filter cloth laser cutting works perfectly in most cases with large surface portal CO2 lasers. Advantages are the contactless method, which cuts the materials with high precision. Due to the thermal laser process, in most cases the edges are immediately sealed.

Application of filtration technique

Filtration is used in a large number of industries, such as:

  • Environmental and safety monitoring process
  • Industrial gas, liquid and solid separation
  • Air and water purification industrially and in household appliances (such as vacuum cleaners).

Materials suitable for filter cloth laser cutting

The filter materials used are mainly fiber materials, woven fabrics and materials containing metal. In particular, the fiber materials are widely used and are mainly made of materials such as cotton, wool, linen, silk, viscose fiber, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, acrylic, nitrile and other synthetic fibers. More exotic materials such as fiberglass, ceramic fibers and metal fibers are also common.

As the field of application of filtration continues to expand, new filter materials are constantly being added.

Filter Products

Common filter products are:

  • Dustproof cloths
  • dust bags
  • Filters Screens
  • Filter cartridges
  • filter vessels.
Laser cutting filtration and filter cloth
Laser cutting filtration and filter cloth

Laser cutting filter cloth

Large format CO2 laser cutting machines are ideal for cutting filter materials thanks to the non-contact process and the high precision achieved by the laser beam. In addition, the thermal laser process ensures that the cutting edges are automatically sealed when cutting technical textiles. Because the laser-cut filter cloth does not fray, further processing is facilitated.

Laser cutting filter cloth

Advantages of filter cloth laser cutting

  • High precision. High repeat accuracy.
  • Clean. Cut without contact. No dust.
  • One step. Rework is not necessary.
  • Versatile use. Laser cutting of almost all filter materials.
  • High flexibility. Cutting different shapes at the same time.
  • Cost reduction. No wear on cutting tools. Less work.
  • High speed
  • Automated production process. With transport and feeding systems.
  • Non-fraying edges

Filter materials suitable for laser cutting

Polyester (PES), polypropylene (PP), polyurethane (PUR and PU), polyethylene (PE), polyamide (PA), PTFE, woven and non-woven fabrics, glass fiber, paper, nylon, cotton, filter fleece, foam and other industrial fabrics.

laser cutting of filtration cloth with smooth cutting edge
Smooth cutting edges.
Automatic sealing of the cutting edges – no fraying.
Laser cutting of textiles and filters
High precision even for fine details and fray-free inner contours.
Contactless textile processing with laser
No textile deformation – due to contactless laser processing.

Laser perforating & microholes

Filter materials require increasingly finer holes. Especially in the processing of micro-holes, the traditional processing methods are usually not suitable to meet the requirements. A laser machine can punch holes in the filter material to extremely high resolutions and in different patterns.

Applications in the filter industry

  • Dust Collection Bags/ Filter Press Cloth/ Industrial Filter Belts/ Filter Cartridge/ Filter Paper/ Mesh Cloth
  • Air Filtration/ Liquid Filtration/ Technical Fabrics
  • Drying/ Dust Filtration/ Screening/ Solid Filtration
  • Water Filtration/ Food Filtration/ Industrial Filtration
  • Mine Filtration/ Oil & Gas Filtration/ Pulp & Paper Filtration
  • Textile Air Dispersion Products


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Laser cutting gasket
Laser cutting gasket
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Laser cutting filtration
Laser cutting technical textiles
Laser cutting filter cloth

Machines we recommend for filter cloth laser cutting

Portal laser machines – open and closed

MetaQuip has the so-called portal laser machines for laser cutting (and sometimes also laser engraving) of large size cloths and roll 2 roll operations. These are often used for laser cutting in the textile industry and are available in various sizes. For example, consider the laser cutting of small batches and/or clothing with a lot of variation (such as tailor-made clothing).

Portal CO2 laser machine

Vision camera system

MetaQuip's portal lasers can also be equipped with a vision camera system. This makes it possible to recognize logos, numbers and letters and to cut them out automatically at high speed. This recognition by the vision system is based on image recognition technology in combination with registration features on the textile. The graphic recognition has a cutting accuracy of up to 0.3mm.

Textile software

For the textile lasers, special software is also included for a number of machines, optimized for use for textile applications. Think of manual or automatic placement of designs on the textile in order to use the available surface as optimally as possible.

Automatic Voltage Correction Feeder

To guarantee an accurate material supply, MetaQuip can also supply an automatic tension correction feeder. The material supply and therefore also the cutting result are maximum. The deformation in the tissue transport can be solved with special software.