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CO2 Laser applications

Laser cutting & engraving of a wide range of materials

CO2 laser machine

CO2 laser machines are suitable for laser cutting and laser engraving of a large number of especially organic materials due to the used wavelength of 10.6um. Materials to consider include:

Laser engraving and laser cutting

In most cases it is possible to laser engrave as well as cut. The machines are often optimized for a specific application, making them most suitable for (production) laser cutting and for engraving at a lower speed. Other solutions are for production laser engraving and in a number of cases can not even be cut.

Suitable materials

  • Wood both natural wood and pressed wood
  • Leather including artificial leather
  • Cardboard, paper
  • foam rubber
  • Paint / anodizing layers
  • Plastic (including PMMA, Acrylic, Plexiglass)
  • silicone rubbers
  • Textile, fabric, fleece etc.
  • Natural stone and so on


Laser cutting and laser engraving of wood

MetaQuip lasers are extremely suitable for laser cutting and laser engraving of wood. For example, for toys, decorative items, artistic adaptations, souvenirs, Christmas decorations, gifts, architectural models and furniture makers.

Laser cutting of wood
Learn laser cutting and laser engraving

Laser cutting and laser engraving of leather

Leather is an organic material that is extremely suitable for processing with laser technology. Laser cutting and laser engraving of leather is fast, flexible and complex patterns can also be quickly engraved or laser cut.

Laser cutting of plastic sheet material

Laser cutting of plastic or acrylic is one of the most common laser applications. CO2 laser machines are extremely suitable for laser cutting Acrylic / Plexiglass, for example for the production of illuminated or neon displays, advertising signs, POS/POP displays, etc.

Other plastics such as (thin 0.8-1.0mm) polycarbonate, polypropylene and polyethylene can also be cut with the CO2 laser.

Rubber laser cutting and laser engraving

Laser engraving of (stamp) rubber

Laser engraving of rubber is easy and fast with MetaQuip laser engraving machines. With our laser engraving machines you can quickly produce stamps with texts, logos or photos from suitable rubber.

Cutting, engraving & perforating paper and cardboard

Laser cutting of paper and cardstock is a quick and easy process that can be used for processing paper, cover and cardstock. This can be used for digital printing, packaging prototyping, model making or scrapbooking. The benefits of a laser paper cutting machine open up new design options for you, setting you apart from the competition. Engraving the paper with the laser produces impressive results. This applies to logos, photos and ornaments – there are no restrictions on graphic design. On the contrary: surface processing with the laser beam only increases the freedom of design.

Paper & cardboard cutting, engraving, perforation
Felt laser cutting

Laser cutting of textiles & fabrics

Laser cutting of textiles and a large number of fabrics is easily possible with a CO2 laser machine. There are also possibilities for a large number of synthetic and technical textiles, such as those used in the car industry. A MetaQuip laser can be used in a quick and easy way for the laser cutting of textiles and a large number of fabrics.

Is your application not listed?

So many materials, so many options. Above are only a small part of the possibilities with laser technology. If you send a sample of your material, we will check, free of charge, whether it can be processed with good quality with a CO2 laser machine or other type of laser machine.

Standard CO2 laser machines

For cutting wood, leather, and a large number of plastics, you have one CO2 laser machine required. Important things to keep in mind are: what is the maximum size of the object that I want to cut out, that determines the size of your worktop and what is the maximum thickness that has to be cut that determines the laser power you need.

CO2 laser machine production
CO2 production laser machine

Laser cutting of large plates

MetaQuip has the so-called portal laser machines for laser cutting (and sometimes also laser engraving) of large sheets of wood or plastic. These are often used for thicker sheet material and therefore have a higher laser power and are available in different sizes.

Production laser engraving

It is possible to make larger series with a CO2 LITE or production machine, but the laser head scans the entire object completely. This takes time. For serial placement of logos and smaller images, a CO2 galvo machine is usually used. It has no moving parts and uses a metal tube which guarantees a longer uptime. The biggest advantage is the extremely high engraving speed.

CO2 galvo laser engraving machine
Engraving of bamboo phone cases with Galvo CO2 laser machine

Examples made with CO2 laser machine

Scale model and model making with laser technique

Wood modeling laser cutting with CO2 laser machine

Laser-cut wooden clock

Laser engraving on wood

Mirror laser engraving with fiber or CO2 laser

Laser cutting of textile and fabric

Fleece laser engraving

Photo laser engraving on wood

Cardboard boxes laser cutting

Laser cutting of cup holders in plywood

Laser engraving wooden box

Laser engraving of natural stone

Laser cutting Van Hout

Laser engraving

Laser engraving Van Hout

Key ring with laser cutting and laser engraving

Glass Engraving With CO2 Laser

Laser Engraving Of Phone Cases